Salon Murcel is an established salon with a long list of loyal customers who come by often. We are getting jammed and we need more artists and stylists to help us in pursuing for quality and highly recognized results. If you are as passionate to art as to life as to beauty, please submit an application today. We can’t wait to have you working with us. For more information, you can contact management directly at 925-963-5880 or Call Salon 925-552-5103.

It's not just about looks with Salon Murcel.

Our salon services allow you to define your personal taste and style. We endow our clients with a make over that bring out their natural beauty.

We listen closely to specific demands of our clients. Then we translate them into the language of cosmetics, skin care and restorative pampering. Discover yourself with us. Know your latent beauty. Send us a Message

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